The Volvo Excavator EC140C


The Volvo diesel engine delivers lower emissions, along with superior performance and fuel efficiency. The EU Stage IIIA compliant engine uses precise, highpressure fuel injectors, turbocharged air-to-air intercooling and electronic engine controls to optimize machine performance.


Standard Care Cab with large and roomy interior, more leg room and foot space. Audio system with remote control. 3 cup holders, 3 high-capacity outlets. Independently adjustable joystick consoles.

Excellent all around-visibility provided through maximum cab glass, transparent roof hatch and 2-piece sliding door window. The lift-up front windshield can easily be secured at the ceiling and the removable lower front glass can be stored in the cab door pocket. Interior lighting consists of one reading light and one cab light with timer.

The pressurized and filtered cab air is supplied by a 14-vent climate-control system, providing fast defrosting and high cooling and heating performance. Viscous/spring-mounted suspension cushions operator from vibrations.

Deluxe seat with adjustable height, tilt, recline, forward-back settings, retractable seat belt and selectable horizontal suspension for reduced whole body vibration.

Adjustable easy-to-read 16,3 cm (6,4″) LCD color monitor provides real time information of machine functions, important diagnostic information and a wide variety of work tool settings.

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