The RM80 - The robust crusher for professional recyclers

The RM80 fully meets the requirements of cost-conscious building contractors.
The crusher is programmed to perform – with automatic conveying in line with crusher workload, material and feeding type. Its high continuous throughput is due to the compact crusher’s excellent intake behaviour and optimum crusher kinematics.

The RM80 is flexible regarding the material it processes. In recycling mode the magnetic separator reliably removes reinforcing steel from the crushed material. Only one person is required to operate and manoeuvre the RM80 using remote control. Even the unique release system to remove blockages works at the press of a button.

The crusher with crawler gear is mobile even in tight spaces and in mountainous areas. The RM80 is extremely versatile and can be reconfigured from a primary to secondary crusher in just 20 minutes. RUBBLE MASTER ENVIRO technology ensures it can operate without disturbing local residents. Magnetic separator, side conveyor belt and mobile oversize grain screen are also available as proven RM add-on modules.

Technical data
Throughput Up to 150 t/h depending on material
Inlet opening 860 x 600 mm
Crusher unit Impact crusher with 2 or 4 hammers
Drive unit Diesel engine, water-cooled
122 kW at 2000 rpm
Weight 23 tonnes